Packages and modules for the B1 Webclient

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B1 WEB Packages and Roadmap

Packages and Modules


B1 Webclient Basic Modules (always required)

  • (B1 WEB Framework & B1 WEB Customizer) 
    Release: 01.05.2016


B1 Web Packages

  • B1 Web Standard Sales  & CRM Package per User
    Release: 01.06.2019
  • B1 Web Management Dashboard & Reporting
    Release: Q 3/4
  • B1 Web Inventory Pick & Pack per User
    Release: Q 3/4
  • B1 Web Standard Production PDC (Production Data Collection)
    Release: Q 3/4
  • B1 Web Automotive for Supplier
    Release: Q 3/4
  • B1 Web CRM extended Version
    Release: Q 3/4

Packages and Modules

B1 Webclient Framework – The Engine

The back-end (business layer) is a .Net component, which is developed in C #. It works for the communication between the web UI and the SAP HANA Service Layer. Additional business logic can be provided in the back-end, which is currently not available in the service layer.

The web UI is a component based on Angular 7 and Boot Strap 4. It delivers the user interface to the browser. In this process the web UI uses methods out of the backend. The contents are made dynamically and partially compiled with the runtime. The entire architecture of the framework is service oriented. The communication between all components functions works over web services.

B1 Webclient Customizer

The B1 Web Customizer is a module to customize and adapt individual customers’ requirements. It allows you to develop features, functions, branch solutions and more.

The Form-Builder is a visual designer to create modern user interfaces for web solutions.

The controls can be bound to SAP HANA Service Layer fields and the data-binding works for all HANA Service Layer objects even for UDOs and UDTs!

The Web Layout Designer is a visual designer to create stunning layouts for marketing documents. It can be used WYSIWYG directly in our B1 WEB.

The Crystal reports viewer enables you to use existing standard Crystal layouts and Crystal reports. Dashboard Cards and Charts can be configured in our Dashboard Builder. Launchpads for users or roles can be created in the Launchpad Configurator.