Init Warehouse.One

Warehouse management goes SAP Business One

Init Warehouse.One simplifies your warehouse management

Init Warehouse.One, the scanner-based solution by init consulting AG, simplifies your warehouse management and offers you another interface with SAP Business One.

Warehouse.One provides the following features:

General features of Init Warehouse.One:

  • HANA and SQL
  • Multi-client support
  • Batch management
  • Serial number management
  • Bin management

Init Warehouse.One processes:

  • Purchasing and receipt of goods.

Init Warehouse.One in sales:

  • Delivery notes
  • Picking and packing

Warehouse management with Init Warehouse.One:

  • Stock transfer
  • Item info
  • Batch info
  • Bin info
  • Inventory

Processing incoming goods in Init Warehouse.One

First, the user is authorized to use the scanner in Business One and receives a password to access Init Warehouse.One.

During receipt of goods, the user can now

  • enter / scan the supplier number or
  • enter / scan the reference number or
  • enter the supplier name.

This displays all open orders from the supplier. If the employee entered an unambiguous reference or there is only one order from the supplier, the next window is displayed immediately.

The employee selects a row, and all open item rows belonging to the order are displayed in a new window. Next, the employee selects an item or scans the item number and records the quantities in the next window in Init Warehouse.One.

If a serial number or a batch number needs to be specified, the employee can scan the number and edit the default quantity “1”. Otherwise, he or she simply scans the next number. Once all quantities have been entered, the employee saves the entry in Warehouse.One.

If no serial number or batch numbers needs to be assigned, the employee simply checks the quantities and edits the default value of “1” if necessary. The entry can then be saved in Warehouse.One.

Once every row has been recorded, the employee can post the record to complete the receipt of goods.

Processing sales in Init Warehouse.One

In the delivery note, the employee can

  • enter / scan the customer number or
  • enter / scan the reference number or
  • enter the customer name.

Init Warehouse.One will then display all open sales orders for this customer. If the employee entered an unambiguous reference or there is only one order for the customer, the next window is displayed immediately. The employee selects a record and can then enter the item number, scan it, or select an item to process.

The exclamation point button allows the user to see the item’s storage bin and its quantity (as well as the serial and batch numbers).
By clicking on a row, he or she can enter or scan the serial number. The default value is “1”. Once every serial number has been entered, the record can be saved in Init Warehouse.One.

For items without batch or serial numbers, the quantity from the sales order is set by default, which can be modified if necessary. The record can once again be saved at this point.

Once data entry is complete, the record can be posted. This posts the delivery note and signs off the goods from the warehouse.

Features of Init Warehouse.One warehouse management

  • Display the quantities per serial/batch number and bins of scanned or entered items.
  • Display the quantities per warehouse/bin for scanned or entered batch numbers.
  • Display the quantities per bin for scanned or entered bins.

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