Automotive industry solution for automotive suppliers

AUTOMOTIVE.ONE for the automotive industry developed by init

The demands of the automotive industry on suppliers include not only quality, delivery reliability and transparent logistics processes, but also a high degree of flexibility and short reaction times. These features can only be guaranteed with the support of special IT solutions.

SAP Business One Automotive

AUTOMOTIVE .One developed by init is the compact solution specially tailored to the special needs of the automotive industry, which maps and supports all processes in the company, from procurement to production and dispatch.

PDF download: Efficient control of complete business processes in the automotive industry 
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Especially automotive suppliers must be able to react quickly and flexibly to sudden changes - AUTOMOTIVE.ONE supports an effective way of working. The software solution is characterized in particular by a high degree of flexibility and simple, intuitive operation. AUTOMOTIVE.ONE links all business processes into a continuous process chain.

SAP Business One for automotive suppliers

Employees of the respective departments of the automotive industry work with exactly the necessary data material and access current figures with a mouse click. As a result, all work in the various areas is optimally coordinated and the goods can be delivered quickly to the respective destination.

Speed is one of many criteria that gives automotive suppliers a head start in the daily competition and at the same time means growth. The automotive industry solution, which is mapped in SAP Business One, transfers immense amounts of data between different computer systems with the help of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This is a requirement that AUTOMOTIVE.ONE developed by init meets: the uncomplicated and paperless exchange of data with the customer.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) ensures continuous communication with the customer. Intervention in the production process is therefore possible at any time. Nevertheless, AUTOMOTIVE.ONE developed by init does not lose track of all movements in the warehouse; all movements in the warehouse are continuously recorded and displayed in clearly arranged graphics. The determination of demand increases, reductions or date shifts compared to the supplier planning are done with one click.

Expectations in the EDI area


  • Automatic processing of incoming requirements (LAB, FAB, PAB), which can also be managed manually.
  • Automatic change management.
  • Approach in time periods (shipping, production, purchasing).
  • Representation of changes in larger time periods.
  • Easy tracking of the latest demand data.
  • Automatic inclusion of requirements in material requirements planning.
  • Flexible safety stock management.
  • Just-in-time display.
  • Due to the dispatch proposal no requirement is overlooked or forgotten.


  • Detection of under- or overdelivery in the current dispatch.
  • Packaging definition with packaging variants.
  • Goods issue is carried out automatically from the shipping proposal.
  • Automatic stock management of the packaging material.
  • Dispatch by EDI of delivery note transport data (ASN).
  • Dispatch by EDI of invoice data.


  • VDA goods tags are possible even at the time of production.
  • Forwarding agent registration takes place before production is completed.
  • Automatic generation of packages.
  • Mixed packages can be created.
  • Disposition of purchasing and production.
  • Automatic weight determination.
  • Creation of VDA accompanying documents.

Financial Accounting

  • Automatic creation of open items (OPs).
  • Automatic assignment of credit memo data to the open items.
  • Comparison of credit memo amounts with those of the OPs.

External Service Provider (LZZ) Management

  • Demand management of customers.
  • Automatic management of the EDL warehouse.
  • Dispatch of the LST operation 40.
  • Safety stock management.
  • Automatic management of withdrawals from the EDL warehouse.
  • Automatic creation of the OPs with link to the customer delivery note no..
  • Automatic management of credit notes.
Automotive.One by init

Automotive solutions

Preconfigured solutions for your industry

With the industry solution AUTOMOTIVE.ONE developed by init, small and medium-sized enterprises always have the most important processes in view. The core functions of the solution in the automotive sector are combined in a single application. Users can monitor, expand and adapt automotive processes - at the workplace or on the move.

The preconfigured industry processes of AUTOMOTIVE.ONE, which are based on best practices, guarantee a high level of planning and process reliability. You get the best possible production utilization, combined with short throughput times and consistently high quality of your products. Your customer relations are optimized with this solution and customer satisfaction is increased with less time and cost.

The cross-system data exchange (EDI) ensures automated and smooth communication with suppliers and customers. The automated automotive processes offer your company a high degree of efficiency and transparency with this solution. Thanks to powerful reporting tools, the industry solution AUTOMOTIVE .ONE developed by init offers you a reporting system with an optimal view of all company key figures

Facts for decision makers

High security of your IT investment AUTOMOTIVE.One

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Automate and simplify automotive processes.
  • Have an overview of all movements at all times

With the AUTOMOTIVE.ONE solution, you keep costs under control, rely on proven ERP functions "Made in Germany" and thus secure decisive competitive advantages for your company.

Short project duration

The cost-effective automotive solution can be introduced quickly and can also be operated intuitively. This preconfigured automotive add-on requires only minimal adjustments to SAP Business One, implemented by us as your reliable partner

Transparency at the touch of a button

To be able to make important decisions on a daily basis, you need up-to-date figures and a quick overview at the push of a button. Tiresome waiting for specialist departments, Excel lists and complicated IT are no longer necessary. AUTOMOTIVE.ONE developed by init offers you continuous information flows and easy-to-use reporting functions.

Automotive Prozess EDI

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

EDI is a method of transmitting complex data between different computer systems or computer networks. Due to the different systems and formats, these are optimally managed and integrated with the help of EDI and business processes between customers and suppliers are realized in the shortest possible time.

EDI provides fast data transfer and paperless data exchange in the automotive industry. EDI increases the readiness to deliver and the special deliveries decrease. EDI eliminates data entry and manual transfer of data into supplier-own documents is no longer necessary. EDI also offers an automatic dispatch advice.

The standard business processes transmit the following EDI processes to suppliers:

  • Call-off
  • JIT delivery schedules and production-synchronous releases.

In order to transmit this data by remote data transmission (RDT), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), standards are required. The standards are prepared by standardization institutes such as the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT).

Networked by EDI, with customers and suppliers, conduct business and cooperate.

Networked by EDI SAP Business One

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