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What does SAP Business One cost? Prices for July 2024

SAP Business One costs include implementation costs, licensing costs, and SAP Business One costs for maintenance and training of key and end users.

SAP Business One license costs

Professional User2700
Limited User1400
Starter Package User (up to max. 5 users)1140
Professional User Cloud license91€ / month
Limited User Cloud license47€ / month
Starter Package User (up to max. 5 users) Cloud license38€ / month

ERP system implementation costs

ERP implementation is a complex and extensive project, so a structured approach to implementation is essential.
Due to our many years of experience, an efficient and successful process was able to be defined as follows:

  • Actual and target analysis
  • Prototype creation 
  • Intensive training for self-implementation 
  • General user training 
  • Automatic data transfer 
  • Form design 
  • Support/supervision start phase

An investment that pays off

Here you can calculate the implementation costs of SAP Business One for your industry immediately with just a few clicks:

Calculate implementation costs online for specific industries 

The costs of ERP projects are very individual and adapted to different requirements and constraints, such as the number of ERP workstations or the scope of services to be implemented (complexity of the project). ERP system implementation is a complex and extensive project, so a structured approach to the selection and implementation of SAP Business One with an experienced partner by your side is essential.

introduction cost sap business one

SAP Business One license costs

SAP offers three different license types:

  • Professional User:
    This license is a full version. It grants unrestricted access to all functions and areas. The On Premise version of this license costs €2,700.00. The cloud version of this license costs €91.00 per month.
  • Limited User:
    The SAP Business One costs for a limited user are reduced and limited to a certain area. Authorizations are pre-defined depending on the department, with a special focus (Financial Accounting, Logistics, CRM): 
  1. CRM Limited for sales representatives
  2. Limited Financial for employees in finance
  3. Limited Logistics for warehouse staff

The cloud version of the Limited User License costs €1400.00- or €47.00 per month.


Here you can find a functional overview of the different licenses:
PDF License overview for download

SAP prices and costs

Starter Package for EUR 1,140

Initial start-up support due to the low cost

Alternatively, the "Starter Package" for EUR 1,140 is a cost-effective entry-level version, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The following is the most important information about the Starter Package in terms of SAP Business One costs:

Firstly, licenses can be purchased for a maximum of five users. Secondly, they can be upgraded to full functionality at any time. Thirdly, the holistic application includes everything that a start-up company or SME needs: Integrated and effective business applications involving all business processes, from accounting and sales to purchasing and warehouse management.

Further information on prices and costs of the Starter Package

Starter Package of SAP Business One

Costs for the training of key users and end users

In our training academy we distinguish between two types of users:

  1. Key user
  2. End user

During the implementation process for the new system, key users are trained directly on site by our consultants. Detailed training material is also provided. The aim of these training courses is to enable key users within the company to pass on their knowledge to end users.

If this knowledge transfer is not sufficient, we also offer additional classroom training in our academy. These sessions are carried out with a limited number of participants.

Modules available in our training academy:

  • Bootcamp (intensive training block, which includes all modules)
  • Installation and update of the ERP system
  • Finance
  • Basics for users
  • Logistics and production
  • Coresuite Layout Designer
  • Annual accounts
  • Bank statement processing
  • Crystal Reports

Here you will find information and prices for our training academy.

SAP Business One costs Maintenance

There are two different ways to run SAP Business One:

  • On Premise (The ERP system is integrated into your IT infrastructure)
    As a complete solution, all functions are seamlessly linked together so no interfaces or additional modules are required. 
    Maintenance and support are charged separately.

  • Cloud (all existing data is hosted on demand)
    Cloud computing in ERP projects is the phrase on everyone's lips and is growing unstoppably. Unlike traditional licensed products (on-premise), on demand or cloud computing is rented and operated in the cloud by the provider. 

Project examples

Simple solution - approx. €15,000

Service companies’ annual income of approx. €2 million 

  • 4 user licenses
  • Simple configuration without complex data transfer
  • Implementation approx. 1 week
  • Estimated costs for implementation and license: approx. €15,000.

Standard solution - approx. €30,000 - 40,000

Wholesale company with an annual turnover of about €10 million

  • 8 users in the standard areas (finance, purchasing and sales, warehouse, and CRM)
  • With customization of some standard reports and forms and minor customization of the user interface.
  • Introduction time approx. 3-4 weeks
  • Estimated costs for implementation and license: approx. €30,000 - 40,000.

Complex introduction - approx. €60,000 - 80.000

Manufacturing companies with annual revenues of about €20 million

  • 20 users in the areas of finance, CRM, warehouse, purchasing, resource planning and human resources
  • Adjustments in work organization, reporting and taxation,
  • Data import from existing system
  • Connection to a Microsoft Outlook add-on solution for production planning and control as well as a CAD application for design
  • DATEV connection
  • Complex implementation over approx. 3 months
  • Costs for introduction and license estimated: approx. €60,000 - 80,000

SAP Business One costs for the implementation process

SAP Business One Implementation Process

Service company

  • Number of employees: 30
  • Number of PC workstations: 25
  • Functionalities: Finance and accounting, project management, procurement and sales, CRM, administration and reporting
  • License fees: €26,500.00
  • Consulting service: €24,000.00

Wholesale enterprises 

  • Number of employees: 50
  • Number of PC workstations: 8
  • Functionalities: Finance and accounting, procurement and sales, CRM, administration and reporting, merchandise management
  • License fees: €14,750.00
  • Consulting services: €12,000.00

Production company

  • Number of employees: 80
  • Number of PC workstations: 15
  • Functionalities: Finance and accounting, procurement and sales, CRM, administration and reporting, merchandise management, human resources, production planning and control
  • License fees: €47,500.00
  • Consulting services: €52,500.00

Prices and costs 2022

SBO is a flexible ERP system that controls the core processes within a company. With comparatively low costs and a short implementation time, the benefits of this powerful and flexible ERP software can quickly be realized.

SAP Business One costs depend on the size of the company and individual requirements. Such as a special authorization concept or the need for an industry solution.

SAP Business One Kosten

If you have decided to equip your company with an integrated software solution such as SAP Business One, accurate planning provides the best overview of all the resources you need. This way you know in advance what is coming and can better adjust to the effort required.

Pure software costs are one of the factors you will consider when preparing your budget. They usually depend on the number of user licenses you need. Depending on the complexity of your solution, you may also incur costs for transferring your data to the new solution, customizing user interfaces and integrating existing applications into the new system architecture. In many cases, simply exporting your data to SAP Business One will be easy. In more complex applications, we will have to work more extensively with you to transfer your data from existing applications.

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