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What kind of solutions offers SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an ERP-system which goal is to optimize business processes with right solutions in departments financial, CRM, manufacture, project management, product management, personal management and form or reports management. 

An ERP-system that’s based on an integrated software instead of an isolated solution can be an advantage in costs and competition. Because of that human resources and time based resources will be optimized and can be used in other places.  Companies no matter what size, structure or industry with SAP Business One they are being offered the best solution. Diversity and scalability are in focus. 

SAP B1 solution accounting
SAP B1 solution CRM software
SAP B1 solution production planning
SAP B1 solution project management
SAP B1 solution merchandise management
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SAP B1 solution forms and reports
SAP B1 solution Pe tool

SAP Business One Solutins - accurately fitting for your company


The whole process of the financial management is integrated in SAP Business One. With the right rate of taxes accounting transactions will be made and managed automatically. Journal entries are in the progress at the same time as transactions. 

CRM software

The sales process is controlled by SAP Business One. Starting with capturing activities ending with creating opportunities, or starting from the first client contact ending with a business deal: The integrated Customer-Relationship-management by SAP Business One covers up the whole sales process. 

Production planning

Every classical process of a manufacturing company is covered up by the SAP Business One standard solutions. Basic essentials are planning of the primary needs, planning secondary needs as material needs planning and manufacture process planning.

Project management

Since version 9.2 a project management solution is also integrated in SAP Business One. Project orientated companies from different industries make profit out of this solution. Starting with planning a project and finishing it, every step can be shown, realized and verified. Assignment or project phase developments can be observed within SAP Business One, which can lead to a higher transparency and as a result, better planning of particular projects.

Merchandise management

The merchandise management is a computer-assisted process to gather and manufacture merchandise management or moving data and is another solution integrated in SAP Business One. From disposition to purchase onto warehouse management, controlling the flow of goods is the most important issue of the merchandise management. 


The electronic commerce, internet- or online trading is applied through a Webshop in SAP Business One, which is connected to through an interface. It includes purchase and sale of goods through electronic connection. The Webshop can be used for both B2C department and B2B department. 

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting is an Add On for SAP Business One to account and manage personal data. This accounting system was invented particularly for the use in small and medium sized trading-, industrial- and service businesses. Add Ons like wages in the construction industries allow for example the effort in all shareholders of pits in the construction industry, others consider short-time allowance or partial retirement. 

Forms and reports

To be able to adjust forms, requests and reports SAP Business One user get efficient tools and are able to conduct changes and settings by themselves. Custom arrays or data can be made leading to accomplish companies’ future requirements affordably.

PE Tool

Init Consulting AG and Siemens AG, which are settled in Ingolstadt, developed a software solution together based on AOA (Authorized OECD Approach) & BsGaV for their business premises. This solution contains every fiscal relevant requirement to process a closure of accounts in an affordable and fast way. 


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