Payroll accounting with SAP Business One

Digital personnel office Add On

Accounting and management of HR data with SAP Business One

Payroll accounting is an extension (add-on) to SAP Business One for accounting and managing HR data. The payroll accounting system was specially designed to be used in small and medium-sized retail, industry, and service companies. Additional modules such as “construction wages” also allow it to be used for example by any trade in the construction industry. Other modules add support for short-time working pay (KUG) or partial retirement.

Digital HR office

The “Digital HR Office” module allows human resources files to be managed completely electronically. Any printed documents for employees, e.g. gross/net accounts or payroll tax certificates, are automatically archived in full, meaning that keeping copies is no longer necessary. The same applies to other documents, for example documents created in Word (certificates, employment contracts). Paper documents (e.g. applications) can also be added to the “digital HR office” using a scanning module.

Any documents subject to retention, e.g. payroll tax and health insurance lists or payroll accounts, can also be archived completely automatically, making fully electronic HR management a reality.

Travel expense accounting

The “travel expense accounting” module guides you through every accounting step from start to finish, directly verifies plausibility, and automatically transfers the correct amounts to the payroll account.

Key features of SAP Business One HR accounting


  • Windows 2000, Windows XP-Prof., Windows NT.
  • Hardware: min. P IV 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM (ideally 1.0 GB).
  • Multiusing, multitasking / database-based.
  • Suitable databases: MS-SQL 2000/2005.
  • Microsoft Office compatibility.
  • Supports multiple companies, up to max. 9999 companies.
  • Interface for business data entry and timekeeping.
  • Data archiving in accordance with digital document guidelines (GDPdU).


  • Payroll journal / payroll account.
  • Tax registration, including official form.
  • Health insurance lists with individual documents, proof of contribution.
  • Yearly employers’ liability insurance association report.
  • Accounting ledger with interface.
  • Time statistics / health statistics / working time account.
  • List of all wage types.
  • List of cost centers according to wage type or personnel.
  • Overview of vacation days.

Payroll account

  • Total remuneration / payments and deductions / vacation dates.
  • Other assessments / additional data.

Full Data Transmission Act (Voll-DEÜV) / DAKOTA

  • Basic DEÜV data.
  • Annual report / monthly report / separate report.
  • Data medium exchange / DEÜV certificates (§25).

Master data

  • Company master data with basic company data, company tax data, social insurance assessment thresholds, chamber contributions, online viewing of the bank code directory.
  • HR master data with basic, tax, social insurance, and employment data, employment benefits (VWL) and payment data, personal wage types, tariff classes, cost allocations, and garnishment data.
  • Insurance master data with bank details, individual documents, contribution rates, U1 and U2 contributions, online viewing of health insurance files.
  • Assessment threshold master data with risk class management, automatic consideration of annual assessment thresholds, monthly allocation and evaluation, annual evaluation/annual report.
  • 99999999 wage types master data, various types of calculation, average wage and garnishment control, wage type links via subsequent wage types, social insurance, tax, and assessment threshold controls.
  • 99 timesheets for managing standard working hours with automated overtime calculation.
  • Cost center and cost unit assignment.
  • Tariff class management according to tariff agreements.

Timekeeping and accounting

  • Automatic accounting of fixed wages or salaries
  • Data entry for variable salaries with or without calendar
  • Convenient copying and deleting functions for days, weeks, month
  • Multi-period entry
  • Automatic gross/net accounting on laser printer incl. form
  • Automatic discounting
  • Timekeeping evaluation and overtime list
  • End-of-period returns / retroactive accounting up to April of the previous year

Seasonal short-time working pay (KUG) / winter bonus pay (MWG/ZWG) (construction)

  • Timekeeping of worked hours in the calendar.
  • Payment of seasonal short-time working pay (KUG) with control and display of assigned hours.
  • Company work schedules are taken into account.
  • Overview of current working hour credits.
  • Determination of target/actual remuneration and corresponding flat-rate net remuneration.
  • Calculation of remuneration subject to contributions based on fictitious wages.
  • Winter bonus pay (MWG) for worked hours during the applicable period.
  • Winter bonus pay (ZWG) with winter bonus advances.
  • Reimbursement calculations for employment agency for seasonal KUG, MWG, ZWG.
  • Application lists for health insurance funds.

Complementary pension scheme (ZVK)

  • ZVK certification, payment of contributions, provident insurance list.
  • ZVK individual documents / data medium exchange.

Vacation / wage adjustment

  • Automatic determination of vacation days and vacation pay.
  • Vacation accounts managed in days and in €.
  • Automatic calculation of 13th salary.
  • Payment of vacation pay and additional vacation allowance.
  • Accounts with vacation funds / payment of contributions to vacation funds.

Short-time working pay (KUG)

  • Recording of hours in the calendar / determination of payable KUG.
  • Determination of target/actual remuneration and flat-rate net remuneration.
  • Calculation of remuneration subject to contributions based on fictitious wages.
  • Application lists for employment agency and health insurance funds.

Partial retirement module

  • Old and new systems.
  • Block model and continuous working time model.
  • Accounting according to legal regulations and tariff agreements.

Digital HR office module

  • Fully automatic archiving of specific printed documents, e.g. gross/net accounts, income tax certificates, etc.
  • Archiving of employment contracts, certificates, and other documents created using other programs, e.g. Word.

XML transfer

  • Transfer program for the electronic transmission of tax data provided in a standardized XML format.

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