Production planning and production control are significantly simplified by the Business One software from SAP. SAP Business One includes a powerful planning function. It helps you to schedule and manage the production and procurement of articles according to a variety of criteria.

Manage your material requirements through a wizard-based process that allows users to create a planning scenario in five simple steps. This allows the material and capacity requirements to be easily and reliably determined based on forecasts.

In SAP Business One, you can define bills of material: They identify a main product as well as all raw materials necessary for the manufacture of the product and provide the necessary information on the quantities and stocks involved.

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Production planning for SAP Business One

Production planning for SAP Business One

  • MRP Wizard:
    This wizard helps you to plan and optimize future material requirements, manage and implement purchasing and production recommendations and exceptions. By taking into account both minimum order quantities and multiple orders, you can achieve cost reductions that allow you to take advantage of purchase price discounts or standard production sizes in bulk. 
    The assistant creates a recommendation report. This suggests whether certain articles should be produced or purchased. With the help of numerous options for a more detailed view of certain data, the net requirements calculations can be viewed with little effort and the documents on which the gross requirements are based can be accessed.
  • Report on product recommendations:
    With the "Report on Product Recommendations" function, you can check at any time during the production process whether all products or the materials required for production are in stock in sufficient quantities.
  • Product structures:
    Here you can display a detailed overview of all product structures at any level.
  • Forecasts:
    Plan demand not only on the basis of history and incoming orders, but also on the basis of forecast key figures. Forecast calculations help you to determine the future additional requirements for a product.
  • Order recommendation report:
    Automatically create production orders and purchase orders using information from a recommendation report. If an item needs to be purchased, you can easily convert a production order into a purchase order. You also have the option of combining several purchase orders from one supplier into one order transaction, thus further streamlining the purchasing process.

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