Taxes for permanent establishments
managed quickly & inexpensively

SAP Business One PE IT tool init consulting AG and Siemens

SAP Business One PE IT-Tool init consulting AG and Siemens
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SAP PE.ONE permanent establishment solution

Initial situation – vision of the PE.ONE tool

Together with Siemens AG, the Ingolstadt-based company init consulting AG developed a software solution for permanent establishments based on the Authorized OECD Approach (AOA) and the German Act on Applying the Arm’s Length Principle (BsGaV). The solution incorporates all tax-relevant requirements to make tax returns for permanent establishments quick and inexpensive.

Key facts about the PE.ONE tool

  • PE.ONE offers a fair pricing policy with quick and effective introduction
  • Low running costs 
  • Flexible license model
  • Evaluation and classification of costs in terms of applicability
  • Supports permanent establishments in preparing tax statements
  • Local tax regulations are already incorporated and taken into account
  • Integration of the local transactions of permanent establishments into global corporate processes 
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Status tracking for workflow activities 
  • Integrated document management 
  • Review and validation processes 
  • Interfaces with SAP/R3 
  • Option for retrospective manual data entry
  • Worldwide access with different authorization levels
  • Single-sign-on access
  • Flexible / inexpensive / simple

Functionality of the PE.ONE tool

PE.ONE functionality

Advantages of the PE.ONE tax solution

  • Inexpensive implementation and flexible license model.
  • General, subsidiary, and auxiliary ledgers integrated into a single database.
  • Modeling of multiple or single permanent establishments.
  • Integrated point of sale solution.
  • HB1 customization of permanent establishments regardless of the corporate accounting framework.
  • The applicability of costs is taken into account.
  • Increased data quality thanks to validation and plausibility checks.
  • Clean representation of onshore revenues, costs, liabilities, and receivables.
  • Local tax requirements are taken into account.
  • Retentions, withholding tax, and reporting available in multiple languages.
  • Travel documents and other relevant documents are automatically attached to records.
  • Financial statements of the permanent establishment are independent of the financial statements of the parent company.
  • Cloud solution and web client.

Permanent establishments online

  • Egypt
  • Iraq baghdad
  • Iraq Erbil
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • United Arab Emirates


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PE.ONE permanent establishment solution

SAP Business One business premises solution PE.ONE

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