SAP Business One 10 with functional improvements

What are the highlights in SAP Business One 10? 

Videos SAP Business One 10.0

SBO Version 10.0
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In SAP Business One 10the design was completely revised and tailored to the needs of the users.  Enriched with new functions, SBO appears even clearer and is impressive thanks to its intuitive user interface. . 

SAP Business One 10 - much
more than just an enhancement

  • Intelligent ERP and process automation through elements like machine learning and IoT
  • Core functions and localizations are extended depending on the market Feedback (focus on wholesale/retail objects)
  • UX in focus in version 10, new styles (new user interface)
  • Continuation of the web client 
  • Advanced analysis functions with HANA 2.0
  • New integration framework 2.0 and additional scenarios
  • Reuse of existing intelligent SAP - technologies (Recast, Invoice recognition, SAC etc. depending on price tag)
  • Improved Cloud Deployment

An excellent overview of the future functions can be found in the PDF for download.

PDF Download Release 10 (german version)

When was the release date?

Release 10 - a milestone in the history of SAP B1 - was published in November 2019 for "Early Adapters.. The introduction was gradual. Since the beginning of May 2020 Version 10.0 is officially available for all customers.

SAP Business One 10 and Office 365

Office 365 will be fully integrated into Version 10.

SAP Business One 10 Office 365 Demo
SAP Business One Version 10

Functional improvements

  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • Service call printing and e-mail support
  • Form setting for document printing
  • Financial reports G/L account drilldown
  • Refinements to the bill of materials
  • Form for series and batch management
  • Arrears reserve accounting support
  • Support appendix folder in additional documents
  • Extend support for reference documents
  • Translation table for print layouts

Optimization of user-friendliness

  • Extended full screen support
  • Improvement of the user-friendliness in marketing documents
  • New skin and UX improvements
  • Support for 4k monitors


  • New localization for the Middle East
  • Improve localizations
  • Tax improvements

Industry focus

  • Registration for electronic money transactions
  • Improvements to support retail and wholesale businesses

Continuation of the Web Client

  • Focus on sales processes using SAP HANA
  • Expandable via Service Layer


  • AP Intercompany Integration Hub
  • MS Office 365 (Word, Excel and OneDrive)
  • Productization of IoT example scenarios


  • Automated online banking connection
  • Invoice recognition based on machine learning
  • Use of the SAP HANA 2.0 platform


  • Integration in das Advanced Compliance Reporting von SAP
  • SAP Crystal Reports content renewal and SAC integration


  • Example scenarios for production/inventory
  • Integration of SAP Field Service Management
  • Further improvements for the Sales/Service App

Infrastructure & Extensibility

  • Expansion of the cloud infrastructure and tools
  • Improvement of the DI/service layer coverage
  • Introduction of API Hub
  • UDFs are supported in additional tables
  • Support for 64-bit/lightweight extensions
  • Extension of UI tools
  • FMS multi trigger support

LCM & Support

  • Integrated improvements in event reporting
  • Logging and tracing (cause analysis)
  • One-click installer and reduced package size
  • Optimized patch delivery cycle

Intercompany Integration Hub


  • One way to integrate SBO into all major systems
  • Simple, innovative level of abstraction in addition to B1iF 2.0
  • Meets typical requirements for rapid digital integration in companies with several legal entities (e.g. sales and service units)
  • Some scenarios are only available to customers of the intercompany integration solution, others are free of charge. A 30-day trial version is planned
  • Availability in Q4 2019, through gradual introduction
SAP Busienss One 10 intercompany integration hub

SAP HANA 2.0: Multitenant Database Containers

Compared to virtualization

Database container with several clients

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a single software stack
  • Central configuration and administration (database level)
  • Direct management of database resources
  • Optimized compound (performance advantages)
  • Performance benefits (no virtualization overheads)
  • Licensed via SAP HANA


  • Strong isolation
  • Separate option for SAP HANA revisions
  • Standard Association (SDA)
  • Additional virtualization license (e.g. VMWARE)
SAP Business One 10 SAP HANA 2 Multitenant Database Containers

SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Better insight into the core business
  • Make decisions based on real-time data
  • Exclusive analysis in the core

SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence

  • Advanced analysis functions in a user experience with modern BI functions
  • Extends insights beyond the Core
SAP Business One SAP Analytics Clouds

Analytics Cloud - User benefits

All-Analytics for all users via a single product in the cloud

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Quick and easy new findings
  • Increase commitment, accountability and productivity
SAP Business One 10 Analytics Cloud User Benefits

Crystal Content Demo

SAP Business One Crystal Content Demo

SBO Version 10.0: Webclient Overview

SBO Version 10.0 Webclient Overview
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SBO Version 10.0: Webclient Orders and Drafts

SBO Version 10.0 Webclient Orders and Drafts
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Usability of SAP Business One 10

A new user interface provides a significant improvement in usability

SAP Business One 10 usability New Skin Demo

Version: Usability and design

SBO Version 10.0: we show you the usability and design
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Improved Customer Checkout in SAP Business One 10

The integrated POS solution offers many new features

SAP Business One 10 Kassenlösung Demo

Automatic invoice recognition with SAP Business One 10

SAP Business One Rechnungserfassung Demo

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